For telephone assistant

    Guide to your subscription to SK Broadband’s services

    SK Broadband is providing foreigners residing in Korea with English- and Japanese-language telephone assistance to help you subscribe to the company's telephone and Internet services. You are first requested to review the product information made available in the websites listed below, then dial 106 without an area code.
    Then you will be kindly asked to press 1 at the voice prompt, available in Korean, to be assisted by a foreign language-speaking customer care representative. The representative will make some inquiries about you to help you apply for subscription to SK Broadband’s services.

    Tips for telephone assistance

    • Select the product(s) of your choice
    • Dial 106 without an area code
    • Press 3 at the voice prompt
    • Press 1 at the next prompt

    Required information for subscription

    • Alien registration number
    • Passport number
    • Social security number