Business Voice

Voice communication service optimized to business environments


An innovative form of phone services which not only allows reduced costs for businesses
but also provides solutions optimized to business environments.

Centrex SK Broadband’s IP-based central exchange system provides Centrex functions (internal calls, customer service numbers, etc.) without the need to invest in expensive equipment, and offers additional features such as multiple bell tones, forwarding desk (receptionist function), conference call, call center and voice message functions.


Digital fiber-optic equipment is used to satisfy all your needs, from voice channels to the latest features,
providing intelligent phone functions, fax, Internet and PC communication services.

DID/DOD A relaying service which uses equipment such as P-PBX, E1 G/W to automatically connect both in- and out-bound calls without an operator. Particularly suited to businesses with large volumes of internal and external calls.

International Telephone

A service that allows customers to make international calls in an economic and convenient manner,
without subscribing to any additional services.
Available at 005 Standard or 005 IP Special rates, according to usage pattern.

Intelligent Network Service

A service which connects upgraded networks to conventional communication networks to satisfy the specific needs of business customers. Main services include 1566/1600/1670 customer service numbers, 080 toll-free numbers, 060 telephone information services, lifetime 050 numbers, voice-dial 1680 numbers, 0506 number privacy services, nationwide customer service numbers with automatic thank you messages, voice-recognition text messages and text message reception and video advertisements at nationwide customer service numbers.

Customer Service Numbers
An intelligent network service that groups together the numerous phone numbers used at different business sites under a single customer service number starting with 1566, 1600 or 1670, which can be accessed from anywhere in Korea and also from overseas.
080 Toll-Free Numbers A service that groups together the numerous phone numbers used at different business sites under a toll-free 080 phone number, which can be accessed from anywhere in Korea.
Lifetime 050 Number A service which registers your changing phone numbers (office and cell) under a 050 phone number that can be used for life, preventing contacts from ever losing your number.

Value Added Services

Various other optional functions are available with the general and Internet phone services,
including caller ID, caller forwarding, music ring tone, thank you messages, call recording, lettering and biz messaging.


Faxes can be transmitted and received via the Internet without a fax machine,
and the WebFAX website can be used to send SMS text messages as well, providing greater convenience in work.

Conference Call

The optimal solution for maximizing work efficiency and reducing costs,
our conference call service enables participants to hold a telephone conference from anywhere around the world, at any time, and from a landline or mobile phone.

Contact Information

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