Integrated data services optimized for business work environment

Internet Leased Lines

Elevates business competitiveness by providing the perfect Internet connection service for each working environment.

Internet Direct Broadband Internet service that installs a dedicated line from your business to an Internet network, ensuring the highest level of security and stability. Uses a ring-type network that is particularly resistant to network failure and provides connection speeds up to 2.5 G (depending on the plan you choose).
FreeBan Customers are provided with their own dedicated network and equipment to ensure security and stability. A large number of fixed IP addresses and computers can be used, at Internet connection speeds of 1M~1G (depending on the plan you choose).
Biz Internet A service particularly suited to SMEs, using corporate-dedicated networks to provide 100 M Internet connections for a large number of connections.
Giga Biz A service particularly suited to SMEs, using corporate-dedicated networks to provide 1G, 500M Internet connections for a large number of connections.

Value Added Services

We also offer a number of additional business data services,
such as UTM security service, Biz Fiber Lan WiFi and DDos Backbone Defense.

UTM Security Service The essential security functions of firewall, VPN, infiltration prevention systems, etc., are combined within a single device to prepare and defend against complex threats.
DDos Backbone Defense DDos detection/defense system blocks attack traffic effectively and transmits only normal traffic to the customer’s backbone network
Biz Fiber Lan WiFi An optional feature that offers wireless Biz Fiber Lan Wi-Fi services at a rental period of three years. Particularly suitable for small-sized businesses, who can use a private Wi-Fi zone to provide wired and wireless Internet for smartphones, tablet PCs and notebook computers.

International Leased Lines

The best way to establish dedicated global networking, configured through an international section of underground cables from end-to-end. We operate international POPs at major oversea nodes such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Great Britain, Japan and Hong Kong, providing a stable service for international leased lines, international Internet leased lines, MPLS VPN and satellite, Global IDC, etc.

Domestic Leased Lines

Fiber-optic connections are directly established between any two locations to ensure exclusive, fast and safe transmission of information at all times. Main services include a domestic leased line, Carrier Ethernet, broadcast leased lines, etc.


An integrated solution that allows businesses to establish private networks between headquarters and branches, or with other businesses, using an MPLS network. Internet connection and other additional features are provided as well, ensuring seamless security and stability.

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